What We Do

We work with non-profit organizations to craft solutions which enable you to more effectively connect with your constituents and grow the way you help your community.

We utilize a design-based approach combined with leading business experience, customer feedback, and market research to provide the resources necessary to enable your organization to reaching its true potential.

Our goal is to provide your organization the wisdom to innovate and reach beyond your boundaries.  We assist turning information into the tools your organization needs.


We Design and Execute Customer Engagement Solutions

We analyze every step of the customer journey to understand your strengths and weaknesses and design solutions that redefine how customers’ experience your brands and products.

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“Information does not equal knowledge, and knowledge does not equal understanding, and understanding does not equal wisdom.”  – Harvard Professor Nancy Koehn.

We Design and Execute Innovation Strategies

We partner closely with our clients to understand the complex challenges you face; then design solutions focused on delivering on your goals to deliver accelerated growth.

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The Breakaway Initiative works with organizations of all sizes and shapes across a host of industries.

Our goal with every engagement is to become a valued partner to our client’s organization.  We want to fully understand the complex challenges a client faces.  Through dedicating significant time to learning about the team and products, we craft custom solutions to exceed our client’s needs and breakaway from the competition.