Imagine if the scientist at NASA were scared or lived their life out of fear. The United States would not have been put a man on the moon in 1969, they would have been laughed out of the room at the near thought of sending a capsule thousands of miles into space to land on a big rock. This feat is still hard to wrap my head around, let alone more than sixty years ago.

My question to you is what would you do if didn’t have fear in your life. What if fear was not a key driver in your decision-making? This is an aspect of my life that is hard to shed, fear or worry creeps into my head a lot. So what if you screw up or do something wrong, you go back and fix it learning from your actions. There are very few actions we will take in life that are irreversible or that can’t be fixed afterwards. My ask is live your life with a little less fear. As my Dad told me when I was younger, if it feels wrong it probably is. This lesson is beneficial to keep in mind, but maybe we need a bit of queasiness in your stomach to break through to the other side and find out what is really possible.

Have a great weekend!!