A Responsibility
to the World

I am proud to announce the creation of The Breakaway Initiative’s corporate responsibility charter.  Positive social impact is a central principle of our firm and we are excited for the opportunities that await to make a lasting impact on the world around us.  We are deeply committed to social impact causes and creating lasting transformation for our communities.

The impact of the firm will be felt through financial and resource giving.  We have pledged to donating 2% of our annual revenues to causes impacting our local communities and the environment around us.  We are proud members of 1% for the Planet, an organization committed to linking business, nonprofits, and individuals to help create partnerships to protect the planet.  All member organizations donate at least 1% of revenue to important environmentally related causes.  We are currently determining how to most impactful assist one of the organizations.

Additionally, we are dedicated to projects enabling us to give back and acquire valuable perspectives on significant issues concerning our clients and local communities.  We recently launched a project assisting a local charter school impactful connect with their alumni to grow their programs and have a greater impact on their local community.

Being a team member at The Breakaway Initiative is about asking more of business and using your genius to create a difference in the world.


Ian Galbraith