Chasing Paradise
Why do you not pursue your dream?

Last month, I posed a simple question to a group of people, What is your dream job?  I was curious to know how many people have a dream job and if any had taken steps to pursue this so called fantasy profession. I guess if it is your dream you would call it a passion and not a job.

The responses I received ranged from being a dog petter (my favorite) to a member of a Nascar pit crew.  All the responses made me smile and I was happy to know people still dream.  However, the saddest part was only a few people had pursued their dream profession and only one responder actually had their dream job.  Only one person!!!  Let that sink in for a moment, although the sample size was relatively small only one individual actually did what they dreamed of doing.  I did not ask if people enjoyed their current job even if it was not their dream, but I have to imagine that most people do not and have not for weeks, months, or even years.

Dog Petting, Labrador, Dog Walker
Photo of a Labrador

Somebody recently asked me what my dream profession would be and I told them I am doing it.  What started as a small idea that I quickly and often dismissed as crazy grew with time into The Breakaway Initiative.  Do I enjoy every single day and task, no, but I wake up excited for the day much more often than I did at my previous job.

Only one person had their dream job.

The objective of this post is to make you think what is my dream profession and how can you make it happen if you have a true passion for whatever it is.  I don’t want you to quit your job today if you have a mortgage or three kids at home to chase your dream of being a professional dog petter.  Maybe it is not today or tomorrow or even six months from now, but what would you have to do now to prepare yourself to chase your dream.  Take a small step today and then one more tomorrow and you will be that much closer to making your dream a reality.

So, next time you wake up wishing you visit the dentist for an all-day root canal rather than go to your current job, remember your dream and one small step to follow it. You will thank yourself.

Thank you for reading.